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Preserving the heritage of blues music in our region is not our only task. The
Sam Baird Scholarship has been established by us to help local students pursue their musical aspirations. This scholarship is continually funded by our members, business partners, and private citizens. The award winners exhibit both scholastic and musical excellence.

Blues in the Schools program brings the music to the community via the local school system. Live performances at the local schools give our young people the chance to hear the music that is the foundation of what they listen to today!

This scholarship continues the legacy of noted musician and S.A.B.S. member Sam Baird, who supported and nurtured the growth of the area music community for many years. Announced in 2006, this local scholarship is awarded to students displaying academic strength and musical ambition. This award is presented at the Fiesta Blues Heritage Series. S.A.B.S. works in conjunction with Art and Music Directors to announce and promote this opportunity to eligible local students. The award winners are announced at our various events, such as Fiesta Blues Heritage Series and the Robert Johnson SA Sessions Festival. It is a special event involving family, friends, and an appreciative audience. This is an ongoing endeavor that we put our full effort into - working with schools, parents, sponsors, corporate members, and community leaders to get as many students involved as possible.


1. Complete and print out the application by clicking the link below.
2. Prepare a performance piece that will be judged. The submission can be in digital format (mp3, mov, avi, etc.) on a jump drive or CD/DVD. Video submissions are sought, but audio submissions are accepted. Portfolios are accepted for those with non-performance submissions.
3. When both the application and the performance sections are completed, you can mail submit by mail, email, or drop off.
By Mail
San Antonio Blues Society
P.O. Box 33952
San Antonio, Texas 78265
By eMail: attach all materials and email to
Drop Off in Person:
Harter Music c/o Pam Harter
3477 Northeast Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78218 (210) 829-1211
If you need special consideration in getting your materials to us, please contact us.
4. You can email us shortly after you send your submission if you want to ensure we received the materials.


Click here to download the application (PDF format)
Sam Baird Scholarship Application

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Bryce Menchaca (2019)
Patrick Garcia (2018)
Octaviano Huron (2018)
Mike Perez (2018)
Victoria Simmons (2018) - Award of Merit
Miles Chance (2018) - Award of Merit
Mark Rogers (2017)
Justin Lum (2017)
Jorden Frenzel (2017)
Crystal Gephart (2017)
Joshua Guerra (2017)
Shelby Cheyenne (2017) - Rising Young Artist Award
Ernesto Aguirre (2016)
Leah Ortiz (2016)
Alexander Barclay (2016)
James Payne (2016)
Wesley D. Penny (2015)
Stephanie Castro (2015)

Conner Smith (2015)
Gilbert Salazar (2014)
Johnnie Dominguez (2014)
Joseph Herron Jr. (2014)
Anthony Wright (2014)
Victoria Celestine (2014)
Christian Dunham (2014)

Sarah Monroe (2013)
John Michael Nicholson (2013)
Daniel Vargas (2013)
Stefan D. Heuer (2012)
Erin P. Farrar (2012)
Wendy El-Bayeh (20112)

Steven S. Sellers Jr. (2011)
Mitch Moser (2011)
Julia Masters (2011)
Cesar Gonzalez (2009)
Ernesto Elizando (2009)
Nicole Kingman (2008)
Stephen Meza (2008)

Since 2004, our "professors" have played music backed with the facts and histories of the music that is part of our national heritage. The students who attend one of our heritage presentations get to hear great blues music with a history lesson. The students love the shows. We see the students at our jams! The interaction between performers and audience is enduring -the audience is our future.
Download our 
Blues in the Schools  Trifold (PDF format)

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We are working in conjunction with schools in the San Antonio area - public and private. Our city has much to be proud of -a heritage filled with all the color, character, and traditions that a metropolitan Texas territory demands. The effect of Texas' legendary performers is all over the music spectrum ... old and new, rap to gospel. The San Antonio Blues Society has made it our mission to carry forth blues and its traditions in San Antonio.

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