We store our photographs online at Our gallery is made of all of our shots from shows and events. Over the years we have accumulated quite a collection! 66,000 pictures since 2010! Our staff photographers include: Annette Crawford (, Elaine Vandiver, Happy Buttles, Manny Tarin, Amanda and Gilbert Sr. and Gilbert Jr. Salazar, and Cathy Crowell. They are the current group of shooters. We would also like to thank Robin Bland for getting the whole gallery going with her photos in the early days this effort. Often we will receive shots from others and post them as often as we can. To all who have contributed to our Gallery, THANK YOU! ... especially to our staff photographers who have volunteered and contributed so much!

For each show we shoot, we get great action stage shots and behind the scene shots. We also do our best to take audience phots so for great memories of the show! If there are photos that you would like, simply email us and we will get them to you.

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