J o i n   S . A . B . S .    

  • Individual - $20.00 annually
  • Family - $30.00 annually
  • Band - $30.00 annually
  • Corporate Partner - $125.00 annually
  • Individual Lifetime Membership - $250.00
  • Family Lifetime Membersip - $350.00
  • A subscription to “The Blues News” the official newsletter of the San Antonio Blues Society so you can be up-to-date on blues happenings.
  • Discounts on selected Blues Society merchandise, such as blues t-shirts, hats and other wild stuff
  • Discounts on admission to SABS-sponsored events
JOIN (or renew) NOW!
  • Download the Membership Application
  • Choose from one of these formats: Microsoft Word or PDF
  • Complete the application form
  • Download Adobe Reader  if needed
  • Include a check or money order when you mail the application
  • Mail the membership application and payment or bring it to the next jam
  • We graciously accept donations from our Members and Friends
  • These donations are tax deductible
  • If requested, a receipt will gladly be provided
  • Unless otherwise requested, donations and donators are kept anonymous