L i v e   J a m s    

The Live Blues Jams are held locally to promote not only our Member Artists, but all local blues players. We are giving our Members and audiences exposure to the rich talent in our community that otherwise might not be possible.

The Jams are hosted by our Member Bands, with the jammers as special guests. While the majority of the jammers are local, we have had jammers from different parts of the world play on stage. Often times visitors to the San Antonio will take advantage of our Live Jams night not only to be in the audience, but also get some play time on stage.

The Jams are driven by our Mission Statement's promotion of blues music.


1. Host band is required to supply 2 guitar amps, a bass amp, and a drum kit. The equipment will be used by the jammers throughout the night.

2. Jammers - Be respectful of the equipment on stage.

3. Jammers - if you want to play, sign the jam sign-up sheet.

4. This is a blues jam. Play blues or blues influenced music. This includes most forms of American music but steer clear of beat up standards and classic rock.

5. No intoxicated  persons are allowed on stage. No exceptions!

6. Use provided stage amps and equipment only unless otherwise approved by stage manager. Be very respectful of the equipment on stage.

6. Bring your own axe. We do not loan instruments.

7. Stay OFF the microphone unless you are singing a song or have approval by the stage manager.

8.  There is a three song limit unless otherwise approved by the stage manager. An over extended slow blues song can count as three songs. Be courteous. Do not hog the stage. No egos allowed. When the sign-up list is completed you may be allowed to get back up and play again.

9. The order of names on the sign in sheet is important as to when you will play. No "call ins" or "be there laters". Jammers not present when called will be moved to the end of the list.

10. Tune up before you get on stage. Be a pro. Be ready.

11. Volume is not talent!  Inflicting hearing damage is not cool! Don`t do it.  If asked to turn down please do so immediately. Once again, be respectful of the equipment on stage.

12.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!