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DOWNLOADING SABS BROCHURES  Two pdf files provide printed information on S.A.B.S. and on Blues in the Schools.  Select the menu button marked MISSION. At the bottom of the screen are the two download links. Adobe PDF Reader is required to display/print the pdf files. Another option is there with the download links allowing downloading of the Adobe PDF Reader program.

Download our San Antonio Blues Society Trifold (PDF format)

Download our Blues in the Schools Trifold (PDF format) 

Download our Sam Baird Scholarship Application form (PDF format)

Download Adobe Reader  

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER  Becoming a member requires a few simple steps. First, select the menu button marked JOIN SABS.  You can download the application either in Word(.doc) format or as a PDF file. If needed, you can download the Adobe Reader program necessary to look at PDF files. Once you have the application completed, you can submit the form and payment either by mail or in person at a S.A.B.S. event.

BROWSING THE PHOTO GALLERY  The Photo Gallery is a collection of pictures taken at jams, shows, and other events.  The collection is made up of several galleries. You can choose a specific gallery to view by making a selection in the SELECT A GALLERY drop down menu. Galleries can be scrolled through with the gallery scrolling buttons, located above the pictures. When viewing a gallery, six pictures are shown on the screen at one time. The first picture is dropped in the middle and enlarged. Clicking on one of the other six pictures drops that picure to the middle and enlarges it. Clicking on the enlarged picture will open a new window with an even bigger enlargement of the picture. To scroll through the pictures, use the picture scrolling buttons, located below the pictures. We have recently added Flickr to our photo archive system. Simply go to Blue Stuff on the menu and go to the Archive section. Our sets on Flickr will appear with the event date and artist and venue. Simply select the one you want to view.