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As of Monday June 22, the CIty of San Antonio will have updated their social protocols, especially for commercial business.  While some of our Member Venues and Sponsors have opened, following ramp-up models for occupancy, we ask everyone to responsibly support our opening businesses. Simply checking the websites / social media sites for the artists, venues, and businesses is the smart way to go about it. The City is instructing local commercial businesses to post their current COVID-19 protocols for their business. The simplest standards: if you are ill, do not go out ... avoid contact will ill people as best as possible ... practice social distancing (6 foot) ... if close contact will occur, wear protective facewear - it protects you and it protects others.  Your continuing support for your local community businesses is so vital, so critical, so a-great-thing-to-do. Be patient, be understanding, be flexible ... Texas Neighborly.

   our artists and their shows from home 
In the meantime, let's keep up the great support that has come from all lovers of music in our area. By setting up internet gizmos, you can watch them play live from their homes straight into your house. And people have been donating back to the artists via the internet. Let's amp it up for one big push. Pick an artist every couple of days, catch a live internet show, leave a nice comment, and donate in return to help them continue the wonderful and beautiful thing they do. We all can really use a whole lot of what they do.

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