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By joining us as a Member of the San Antonio Antonio Blues Society has to most direct financial boost to our organization. The first time we sign a Member up is a great indicator of support and tells us we are doing a good job. The renewal of that membership is even greater testament to a good and satisfied partnership. And we work hard for that. It's something we committed to.

  INDIVIDUAL - ANNUAL     $20 per year
   INDIVIDUAL - LIFETIME     $250 one time
  FAMILY - ANNUAL     $30 per year
  FAMILY - LIFETIME     $350 one time
  ARTIST / BAND     $30 per year
  VENUE - ANNUAL     $125 per year
  SPONSOR - ANNUAL     $125 per year

If you want to join we will ask for your contact information. We do not keep any financial information on file. Payments are done electronically thru PayPal and Square. We also accepts checks and cash as payment. You can join either on-line or in person at a SABS show, which can be found on our   CALENDAR & EVENTS   page. When you become a Member you will eGet eBlasts, show reminders, and the current eCalendars showing the schedule of shows, upcoming events, and other news of the blues.




If shows are attended, venues will book artists. Economics. A beautiful result of you being at the show is that you are supporting our local artists and you are putting money in the venues register. When the show is over, that money helps pay the band. Your tips to the band help them get home and to the next gig tomorrow. You are helping hard working artists be able to do what they love and give us something we need. For us it's a night of great entertainment with artists we follow and love. For them, it's four hours of heaven and four hours of load-in, tear-down, and travel. The venues are some of the best. Great menus. Great stages. Family friendly. Just show up and the staff will take it from there. By being there you are helping them open the doors tomorrow. And let your social buddies know when you are at a show. It helps to get more people thru the doors.

The end result is that your attendance and participation ensures that there will be artists and the stages where we can watch them play their blues. Keep an eye on our website to see when and where it's all happenin'! Just head to our   CALENDAR & EVENTS   page.

Being a non-profit volunteer driven organization, we have a special appreciation when people volunteer for one of our events or functions. Whether it's helping set up for one of our shows, or addressing membership envelopes. Every bit helps. If you would like to have a fun couple of hours and help us do what we do, talk to a Director or Officer next time you are at one of our shows. You can also email us, let us know what you are interested in doing and what works best for you.  SEND AN EMAIL 

We accept and so appreciate contributions. All donations impact our educational funds used for our projects with area students and schools. Our Officers in charge of the day-to-day operations work to keep costs where they need to be. So when you make a donation at one of our shows or if you send one in by mail we thank you and promise to put your contribution to its best use. THANK YOU!



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