blues in the schools 

Our Blues in the Schools program brings the music to the community via the local school system. Live performances at the local schools give our young people the chance to hear the music that is the foundation of what they listen to today! Live performances at the local schools give our young people the change to the music that is the fountation of what they listen to today! Since 2004, our "professors" have played music backed with the facts and histories of the music that is part of our national heritage: Blues.

There is nothing like attending a live performance when you are a student in school. The students who attend one of our heritage presentations get to hear great blues music with a history lesson. The students love the shows. We even see the students at our jams! The interation between performers and audience is enduring: the audience is our future.

We work in conjuction with schools in the San Antonio area - public and private, elementary grades up to college. Our city has much to be proud of. Its heritage is filled with all the color and character and traditions that a metropolitan Texas territory demands.

The effect of Texas' legendary performers is all over the music spectrum ... old and new, rap to gospel. The San Antonio Blues Society had made it our mission to carry forth blues and its traditions in San Antonio.

There is absolutely no cost to the schools or to the students.


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bb king with a young joe bonamassa

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