sabs blues jams 

The Live Blues Jams are held locally to promote not only our Member Artists, but all local blues players. We are giving our Members and audiences exposure to the rich talent in our community that otherwise might not be possible.

The Jams are hosted by our Member Bands, with the jammers as special guests. While the majority of the jammers are local, we have had jammers from different parts of the world play on stage. Often times visitors to the San Antonio will take advantage of our Live Jams night not only to be in the audience, but also get some play time on stage.

The SABS Sunday Afternoon Blues Jam is held at The Cove here in San Antonio. It happens on the first Sunday of every month, and runs from 3:30pm until a little after 7:00pm. We have a different Member Band host every month. They play for the first part of the afternoon, then we get all the jammers up, and we close the show with a last set from the host band. The monthly jam is a great time to hear the great blues performers from around here and hang out with fellow blues players. The Cove has wonderful food and ale and wine so everything you need for a great blues afternoon is in one place.

A second great blues jam is held on the second Sunday of the month at The Gruene Grove in Gruene. They have been a Member Venue since they opened and feature SABS Member Bands. They have 2 complete bars setup outside and most often Black's BBQ will have their food truck right next to the stage!

The Jams are driven by our Mission Statement's promotion of blues music.


We ask the Host Band to be at the venue and ready to set up one hour before downbeat. Set up includes getting your equipment on stage, connected, and sound checked. The Host Band will supply a good part of the musical gear used for the entire jam. Two guitar amps and a bass amp are required, along with a drum kit and a complete microphone setup (mic/stand/cable). Our stage crew will be helping to get the PA setup and checked.

At the jam, you must get on the sign-up sheet if you want to play. If you are playing with a group, everyone must be present before you can sign-up the group to play. The order of names on the sign in sheet is important as to when you will play. No "call ins" or "be there laters". Jammers not present when called will be moved to the end of the list.

Jammers are expected to bring their own gear. That includes instrument and cabling if necessary. Drummers need only to bring sticks, and a snare drum if desired. Amps and drum kit are provided. We discourage players to bring their amps. When a group is finished jamming we want to make the load-out and load-in of the next group as quick and seamless as possible. Keep the pedal boarding to a minimum. We want to hear your talent, not how cool the effects are. And this should make sense to all performers: treat the equipment on stage with care and respect. That equipment belongs to fellow musicians.

Be available when called up to the stage. We try to keep to a schedule as best we can. Make sure everyone that wants to gets a chance to be on stage. Check in with the stage manager to find out when you will be called on to get up on stage. Make sure instruments are tuned up. Plug in, do a quick sound check on everything, and get ready to be introduced. REMEMBER: IF YOU ARE INTOXICATED OR NOT READY FOR THE STAGE, YOU WILL NOT GO UP. Bring a good attitude to the stage.

Jammers are expected to enjoy the stage and perform well. We watch what we say and how we say it. Families attend these shows and we want everyone to enjoy the jam. Volume is not talent!  If you are asked to turn down, either your mic or our amp,  please do so immediately. Once again, please respectful of the equipment on stage. There is a three song limit and/or 20 minute limit, unless otherwise approved by the stage manager. An over extended slow blues song can count as three songs. Be courteous. Do not hog the stage. No egos allowed. When the sign-up list is completed you may be allowed to get back up and play again. This is a blues jam. Play blues or blues influenced music. This includes most forms of American music but steer clear of beat up standards and classic rock. The stage manager is there to insure all goes well. For the sake of the jam, the stage manager may ask a performer(s) to exit the stage if rules are not followed.

When your jam set is complete, please unplug from the stage, collect your equipment, and prepare for the next set of jammers to come up. Along with performance shots, SABS often gets band shots at the end of sets, so please be ready to have a couple of three photos taken of you and your fellow jammers. These photos will be available on our website and are available for you to use.


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